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Top of Texas Predator Hunt

2021 Top of Texas Predator Hunt Rules

This will be a "Weigh 4, Draw 1" competition. Upon arrival at weigh-in, you will declare whether you are weighing a "heavy 4" coyote stringer, a "light 4" coyote stringer, or both. Your 4 coyote stringer will be weighed to get your subtotal weight and then one team member will draw a card from the shuffled deck. There will be a number on the card that will either add or take it away from the total weight of your 4 coyotes. There will be the same amount of negative cards as there are positive cards in the deck. The number from the card drawn added to the weight of the 4 coyotes will be the team's total weight. Payout will be equal for the "heavy 4" plus the card as well as "light 4" plus the card.


$25 Side Pot - Biggest Bobcat

$25 Side Pot - Most Coyotes

*Side pots are included in the $250


1. Must have a valid Texas hunting license. 

2. This will be a coyote stringer hunt that will pay evenly to the Heaviest 4 coyotes and the Lightest 4 coyotes.

3. Each team will draw one card per stringer they would like to weigh. (One card for the Heavy 4 Stringer, or One card for the Light 4 stringer, or two cards for both the Heavy 4 Stringer and the Light 4 stringer.)

4. Cards will not exceed -30 or +30. 

5. Stringers will be weighed PRIOR to drawing the card.

6. The amount of cards in the deck will be determined by the number of teams entered. There will be an equal amount of positive and negative cards.

7. All animals must be harvested only during the 24 hr hunting period.

8. The entrance gate will be locked at 12:00pm. Any teams not at check-in by 12:00pm will be disqualified. No Exceptions. 

9. Night vision and thermal will be allowed. 

10. No shooting out of moving vehicles or trolling.

11. No aerial hunting or use of drones.

12. No hunting baited areas or dead piles. 

13. Must have landowner consent for properties being hunted.

14. All animals must be properly disposed of by the team.

15. No splitting up of team members. 

16. No pooling of animals. 

17. No modifying weight of animals. Animals must be dry when checked in. Animals may be inspected.

18. All team members must be present at weigh-in. 

19. All winning teams may be subject to a polygraph test; any failed test will result in disqualification. 

20. Judges decision is final. Judges will not be hunting in the competition. 

21. No refunds will be made. 

22. All animals must be harvested by a member of the team.

23. No trapped or snared animals. 

24. All calling methods are allowed.

25. All animals harvested must advance the call.

26. May hunt anywhere. ALL local, state and federal laws apply.