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Amarillo's Full Service Archery Shop in Amarillo

Make sure your bow is ready for your upcoming hunt at Tascosa Creek Outfitters. Our bow technicians are ready to make sure you're completely set up and shooting at your highest performance. If you're needing a full bow set up, tuning and timing, installation of archery accessories, custom arrows, sight stabilizer, draw adjustments or any other bow service visit us today.


A bow tune-up will increase your confidence and your shooting skill and help you become more accurate in a safe manner. Its best to have you bow fitted properly for your size, stance, and style to help you become a effective shooter. 


  • Complete bow setup
  • Draw weight and length adjustment
  • Sight install and adjustment
  • Arrow rest install (standard rest)
  • Cam lean/alignment adjustment
  • Cam tuning and timing
  • Paper tuning
  • Chronograph
  • Calculate kinetic energy
  • Sight tape creation
  • Stabilizer balancing
  • Quiver installation


If you prefer custom arrows, we provide custom arrow service. We carry a wide selection to help you achieve your preference of arrow. Tascosa Creek Outfitters is happy to accommodate your needs and wants. 


  • Custom Arrows
  • Cut to length
  • Arrow re-fletching
  • Gluing inserts
  • Arrow wraps


When shooting with a crossbow, make sure you take your crossbow to a technician who understand crossbows require a different set up than other bows. For questions on crossbow services, contact us and we will be glad to help. 


  • Complete setup and sight in
  • Mount and sight in scope
  • String Replacement
  • Cable replacement


String on a bow will wear down over time. We are experts in replacing bow strings and matching your draw weight so your bow fits you properly.  If your bow needs string replacement, visit our shop and our technician will be glad to help.


  • Compound bow string change
  • Nock set installation
  • Factory string
  • Custom cable/string
  • Cable guard adjustment
  • Replace cables
  • D-Loop installation (includes material)
  • Silencer tie-in
  • Kisser button installation
  • Peep sight install
  • Peep sight adjustment
  • Reserve center serving 
  • Reserve string - loop end 
  • Wax string

Tascosa Creek Outfitters is Amarillo's Full-Service Archery Shop with an outdoor 120-yard archery range equipped with bags and 3D targets. We provide bow maintenance, complete bow set up, re-string, cable replacement, custom arrows and more. We sell top of the line bows that include Hoyt, Mathews, Mission, PSE, Elite, and Prime. We have many archery accessories from cases, targets, scent killer and more. At Tascosa Creek Outfitters, we have a large Gun Room complete with most popular firearms and some firearms that are hard to find. You will find the brands such as Beretta, Glock, Rock River Arms, F.A.I.R, Sig Sauer, Browning, Remington, Tikka, and more. We offer firearm accessories such as thermals scopes, tripods, rifle cases, predator calls, and more. Visit us today at 3941 N. Western in Amarillo to see our full selection in store or shop online.